Window Wonderland

Client: Google Shopping
Creative Directors: Drew Ungvarsky, Eric Lohman, Alex Christian
Design Director: Joe Branton
Designers: Cindy Pham, Jason Levesque

Window Wonderland is an immersive virtual experience that allows you to see windows from 18 different stores on your smartphone, tablet, or computer — all through high-resolution, interactive photos. Google approached us to create a site that transports users to New York as they stroll down the entire facade of the city's most iconic stores and "press their face to the glass" to explore the amazing detail of every window in high resolution.

I worked as a designer for this project from the beginning of conception. I compiled pitch decks and mockups to sell the idea of an immersive 360° experience, we let people soak up the sights and sounds of NYC via their browser or VR headset. Optional audio commentary from each retailer also sheds light on the painstaking work that goes into each display.

Creating a seamless panograph

We designed a virtual experience where users could select a retailer and pan left or right to simulate the experience of walking right next to the window on the street. This was accomplished by taking hundreds of photos of each window in high-res and stitching them together to create a single pannable image and a smooth, seamless experience. I edited each photo for color, exposure, and lens distortion, and used timestamps to lay them out in sequence.