Let me tell you a story.

One day, while working at a biotech company, I told my supervisor that I was considering a career in design. "Doing what you like is good," he said, "but maybe you should consider something more practical."

A week later, I quit the company and began teaching myself design software from scratch.

I believe anything I'm passionate about can be practical.

My name is Cindy and I'm an art director who specializes in design strategy, brand development, and user interface and experience. The roots of my passion stem from my fascination with storytelling through visual arts and interactive digital experiences.

I recently worked as an art director at Twitter's in-house creative agency, creating story-focused brand campaigns across a variety of mediums. Before that, I worked with Google, Adidas, Spotify, Pinterest, and Adult Swim at a digital ad agency. I've won a Silver ADDY Award, ADC Merit, Digiday Award, and been featured on Awwwards. My work has also earned me a spot on the jury panel for Awwwards and the FWA. When I'm not hunched over my laptop and playing around with Photoshop, I'm either reading a fantasy book or changing my hair color for the fifteenth time.