The Pursuit

Client: Oxygen TV
Creative Director: Marcus White
Art Director: Michael Novia, Cindy Pham
Designers: Michael Novia, Cindy Pham

The Pursuit is a first-of-its kind social thriller game offered exclusively on Facebook Live 360, inviting the audience not just to watch a crime story unfold, but to help solve it in real time. Oxygen TV approached us to create a buzzworthy social stunt that would bolster the channel's relaunch as a true crime network. We concepted an immersive crime story that would allow the audience to play "armchair detective" along the way.

While Michael created the branding system, I worked as the Art Director for the criminal investigation content, ranging from panoramic 360 video to photographic evidence from the crime lab.

Creating the scene of the crime

“The Pursuit” kicked off with a first-person criminal investigation that invited fans to join two detectives in real-time as they examined a newly discovered crime scene, checked for clues, and collected valuable evidence. Audiences were invited to answer the question: Who killed Stan Green? I had the fun job of setting up the crime scene and art directing the crime lab photographs that would be released across Facebook's full suite of products and media units. Fans followed along with their theories in the comments, maintaining high engagement throughout.