Client: ŌURA
Creative Director: Alex Christian
Art Director: Josh Newton
Designer: Cindy Pham

Ōura Ring is a wearable device that tracks sleep and activity to bring actionable insights about your well-being. Its mobile app synthesizes this data into daily knowledge, helping you understand your state of mind, body, and spirit to better determine how to navigate your day. Ōura approached us to debut their brand to the US market with a brand refresh and website launch.

I worked as a designer for the website and updated its pages to elevate the brand presence through elegant design and well thought out interactions that would match its price point.

A balance of day & night

We designed an ecommerce website experience that portrayed the Ōura's mantra of readiness being a constant state, not an end achievement. The purpose for the ring is to create mindfulness and encourage balance in the customer's life: both sleeping and waking hours are important to have a freeing lifestyle. We displayed the concept of day and night through the design language of the site.