Client: Adidas
Creative Director: Marcus White
Art Director: Cindy Pham
Designers: Landon Cooper, Diego Funken
Photographers: Jason Nocito, Emily Maye

Adidas Xpressive is an athleisure product line for brand-conscious women looking for accessible and inclusive sport-inspired footwear and apparel. Adidas approached us to create a modular, digitally focused lookbook that would tell a cohesive head-to-toe women's story and highlight their influencers' active everyday lifestyles – whether that is tapping into their creative passion, raising a family, or running a business. These slice-of-life moments are captured to inspire female consumers with ideas for how she can style and wear Adidas Xpressive footwear and clothing in her own day-to-day life.

I worked as the Art Director for the SS19 and FW19 campaign by leading creative concepts, planning pre-production, providing oversight at the shoot, and facilitating post-production for the digital toolkit and motion design assets.

Creative Treatment

I worked with designers to put together creative treatments that built on the global lookbook direction. These treatments were rooted in storytelling constructs that connected influencers, a day in their lives, and their head-to-toe style. We did this by pairing outfits with inspirational quotes from the Adidas influencers, positioning Adidas Xpressive as the brand that elevates self-affirming women to creators of the lives they want to lead. Layered imagery of different outfit pieces also helps inspire consumers to style their own wardrobe.

The following are creative explorations that aimed to mix aspirational (bringing influencers' personalities to life through inspiring quotes) and attainable (layering juxtaposed images to show how the gear can be worn in multiple ways).