Brand Refresh

Studios: Irradie, Podenco
Creative Directors: Donna Lamar, Derrit DeRouen
Art Director: Cindy Pham
Designers: Maks Fede, Rafa Orrico, Antoni Sendra

The conversations on Twitter are messy and complex, so Twitter built a creative system that's complex and imperfect by design. We wanted an art-first approach to our brand identity that encompassed emotion and expression. So rather than build the system up from each component part or build around a specific element, we embarked upon building a creative design system that’s intentionally imperfect.

The work is ripped. Torn. Bold. Bold. Digital. Layered. And courageous. It has energy and motion. Tears are used to reveal information or to focus on something. Layers and textures represent the constant stream of overlapping and intersecting conversation. The use of color that pops conveys humor, intensity, and authenticity. And we ground everything in our iconic logo, Twitter blue, and Tweets.

Launch video

The brand refresh is influenced by global expressions of street art. Street art is public, immediate, layered, and expressive - just like the conversations on Twitter. For our launch video, we used animation in a mixed media approach employing collage as the main driven force. We merged a wide range of animation techniques, such as Stop Motion and Pixilation, Hand Drawn Animation and Digital Collage. We brought to the mix the best of analog and digital realm with a DIY punk attitude that added character to the piece.